GMail Assistant a Great Tool For Multiple GMail Accounts

I have been a big fan of GMail since it was released.  Unlike most email services that require you to think hierarchically, GMail stores all emails chronologically, but allows you to search for content in your emails very quickly.  I used to use an email client called Bloomba, which had an Outlook like interface but also included a very rapid search feature.  GMail offers and equally fast search on a web based email client.

Over the years, I have signed up for multiple GMail accounts for different purposes.  I always set up a GMail account for my consulting clients, and I use the account to add Google Analytics to my clients’ sites.   Until now, it was somewhat cumbersome to check all of those GMail accounts – you had to sign out of one and sign into another.

GMail Assistant solves this problem.  GMail Assistant is a Firefox plug in that allows you to add the login information for all your GMail accounts into one tab.  If you want to switch from one account to another, you go to the dropdown and select the desired account and within seconds you are looking at a different inbox.

You can run Gmail Assistant as a stand alone application or try a Firefox plug-in version that is slightly less robust.

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