About Rent My Brain, Inc.

Many Internet marketing consultants come up with a catchy business name then write an “about us” page that refers to “we” and “us.”   The problem with this approach, of course, arises when a potential client calls and discovers that the “we” is actually some guy sitting in an executive suite or a kitchen table who may or may not know what he is doing.

I am not going to refer to “we” and “us” because Rent My Brain, Inc. is primarily the efforts of one person – and that person is me, Jonathan Ginsberg.  I do employ a copy editor and I occasionally work with free lance graphics designers and writers.

I started this consulting business after spending a lot of time, effort and money learning about business marketing on the Internet for my family law practice, Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C.  in Atlanta, Georgia.  About 10 years ago, I found myself spending over $10,000 per month in radio, TV, yellow pages, print and direct mail advertising.   None of it worked very well and I was seeing my ROI decline every year.

I had put up my first web site in the  mid-1990’s and by the early 2000’s I was beginning to see web addresses on other forms of advertising.  It seemed obvious to me that the Internet was quickly becoming a relevant marketing medium so in 2004 I decided to phase out my other forms of advertising and rely solely on the Internet.   Fortunately, my timing was right and I have been able to support my law practice ever since.

As of this writing I own or manage just under 100 web sites and blogs.  About 25 of these properties promote Ginsberg Law Offices while the rest are sites I edit and publish for other lawyers and companies.   In a way, my consulting business is a return of sorts to my roots.  My father was a journalist and magazine publisher and I spent many afternoons helping my mother and father (who worked together) performing tasks for their magazine.    Now I find myself editing and publishing – online rather than in print.

I provide the most benefit to clients who would benefit from clear, concise and persuasive content.   Search engines reward relevance and potential link partners are always open to strong content.   My experience has been that techniques designed to “fool” Google and other search engines may work for a while, but such practices eventually fail.  I also like to work with clients who recognize that search engine optimization is a process, not a destination.   Web sites and blogs are never “done” – they are always in a state of update as the search engines demand new content.

I also spend a lot of time and effort educating myself about the latest trends in search marketing.  I am a graduate of Ken McCarty’s System training and I belong to and participate in several other on-going web marketing education programs.  I know many of the Internet marketing “gurus” personally and whenever new strategies are shown to work I am in a position to implement quickly.

If you want to judge for yourself my effectiveness, open up Google in a browser, and type in search phrases that relate to any of the following:

  • atlanta bankruptcy
  • georgia bankruptcy
  • georgia social security disability
  • atlanta social security disability
  • georgia workers’ compensation
  • bankruptcy blog
  • fdcpa claims
  • migraine disability

In each of these examples, my site(s) will be #1 or within the top  5.   I don’t feel comfortable revealing keyword results for clients so I won’t publish those, but if you need more examples, feel free to call or email.

At this point, most (but not all) of my consulting clients are lawyers and law firms hoping to replicate for themselves what I have been doing for Ginsberg Law.  The name “Rent My Brain” came from one such client with whom I have been working for over 3 years.  One day he called me  up and told me that had been trying without success to knock my sites from the top position for several years and would it be possible to rent my brain?

If the type of results I have been getting for my own business trigger any interest for you, please contact me and let’s chat.